Couples HIV Intervention Program

To set up internet Filemaker ORBIT access:

  1. Connect to the internet, if not already connected
  2. Open Filemaker
  3. In Filemaker choose "Open an existing file" or File - Open.
  4. Click the "Hosts" button in the open-file dialog box. This opens a Hosts dialog box.
  5. Click on "Specify host". This opens a specify host box.
  6. Type in "" and check the "Permanently add entry to Hosts list" box and click ok.
  7. An alphabetical list of files should be visible in the hosts dialog box. Select "orbit.fp5" (or library.fp5 or concept.fp5) and click ok.
  8. You should be prompted for the password. Enter "car23" and click ok. The file should open.

After the first time (if you checked "permanently add entry...") you can skip steps 5 & 6. Instead choose "" from the hosts dialog box.


Once you have done the above, if you click on the "File" pull-down menu you will see a list of recently opened files. You can click on the file you had open and skip steps 3-7. (If you don't see a recently-opened file list pull down Edit - Preferences - Application - and check the Show Recently opened file list and click ok.)


To open files (pdf, html or txt) right click on the "URL" field in orbit and select "Open" from the menu. It automatically opens the file in your text editor (for text), or internet browser (for html) or Acrobat (for pdf).

Download the free Acrobat viewer if you don't have a copy already have a copy installed on your computer here.


Jim has created a program that converts text files generated by PUBMED into a format that can be imported into Filemaker Orbit directly.

Download the program by right-clicking here, and selecting "save as".